Parent Guidelines

As we hold events and activities we would like to make sure we provide a fun and safe place for jr. and sr. youth to hang out, make friends, and learn about who Jesus is. Here is a list of guidelines for you to be aware of for MCYG to be successful:

  1. Your youth must have a current “Registration Form”, signed by a parent, on file with the MCYG if he/she is attending events. Also, additional forms required for specific events must also be completed to attend those events. All forms are available through the McDougal Chapel office (403-638-3503) or on this page.
  2. Rides to and from all youth events must be secured by you for your youth.
  3. Though every effort will be made to keep your youth at an event, we cannot forcibly detain them. If you would like to know when your youth leaves an event before it is over, please speak to the person leading when you drop your youth off at each event.
  4. If your youth refuses to cooperate with the Youth Guidelines (below) we have set out, we will contact you to come and pick them up.

Youth Guidelines

  1. Respect everyone, youth or adult. If you act like an adult, we will treat you as an adult, until you give us reason not to.
  2. There is no drinking, smoking, drugs, swearing, inappropriate conversation, or conversation that demeans or abuses others at MGYG events.
  3. Sign in at the beginning of every event and sign out at the end of every event.
  4. Make sure you have a ride to and from events.
    A completed “Registration Form” must be on file with the MCYG. Any additional forms for specific events must be completed to attend those events.
  5. In the circumstance that the youth event is off-site from McDougal Chapel, an off-site consent form must be filled out by the youth’s parent(s) or legal guardian before the youth may go.